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Where to live: Wetherby, Skipton, Harrogate?

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AmytheNewComer Wed 22-Feb-17 12:22:16

Hello mums,

It will be highly appreciated if I can get some local advices from you. My husband is from Leeds, and we both work in Brussels, Belgium, our daughter is 2 yrs old. Now with the security situation in Belgium we are more and more getting worried, and plan to move back to UK. We had a look around in North Yorkshire (we find Leeds quite crowded), and we have an eye on following places in the North so far:

Harrogate is nice, lively, however to enter good schools the house price is too competitive compared to other places.

Skipton is safe and not over crowded, seems the chance to enter a good school is higher, with reasonable house price. Just I am a little bit city person while my husband is afraid of being close to people... So he loves Skipton and I find it a bit old and quiet...

Wetherby (OK West Leeds, but a bit different than Leeds), I personally love the houses there, in general they look much nicer than Harrogate and Skipton, I am surprised but don't know why. And schools are reasonably easy to apply. However is there enough facility? Is there much life? Lively place?

Now we really hope to get some local advices, do you think local schools are good and easy to enter? How do you feel living there? Is it convenient for transportation? OK both of us still need to look for new jobs... My husband is from Leeds but he worked abroad all his career. And I absolutely have zero knowledge here, all the conclusions we draw so far are based on driving around experience and internet... Hope by saying how I feel about each place does not offend anyone, they are all just first looks, and we really hope to know more about them! Thanks a lot!

Leedsone Wed 22-Feb-17 18:35:08

Not sure about Wetherby, we are close by but because we live in North Leeds and work in Leeds.

We live in the Shadwell village area, rural village, but only 10 mile so out of the centre.

I would suggest adding scarcroft, shadwell, bardsey, alwoodly, bramhope and Harewood to your list. All Leeds postcodes. Cheaper than Harrogate but your essentially between Harrogate and Leeds (well scarcroft is a bit pricey!!), in a rural/village setting so popular with families who commute, and great primary schools. Harrogate Grammer will take children for secondary from most of these areas too.

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