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Moving to Aberdeenshire - Ellon & Neighbhouring Areas

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Annie9384 Wed 22-Feb-17 00:22:21

Hello Mums, my first ever post here . We are moving to Aberdeenshire , with DHs work based in Peterhead and after some finding out we have narrowed our choice of living area to Ellon / Newburgh kinds.

My question, is there any Mums here from Ellon that could give me a bit more detailed review on what areas to choose in Ellon as I will be mostly on prams and baby wearing and will be wanting to go to toddler groups ,baby groups , local shops , leisure centre etc .

Secondly , nursery wise , which is a good nursery to choose from and does that determine the area we live in Ellon ? Pretty clueless about these things shock

Looking forward to make some mummie friends , my little girl is 9 months tommorow and I'm a bit nervous about being alone in a new place with no friends ! Hopefully not for long .

missingtheDeen Wed 22-Feb-17 09:12:31

My sil lives near Ellon. Just a wee Street of houses about a mile out. I will ask her. My niece is 2 and she goes to a lot of groups with her and dn goes to a nursery nearby.

Annie9384 Wed 22-Feb-17 10:03:18

Thank you ever so much . i will wait to hear more

missingtheDeen Thu 23-Feb-17 12:22:36

Just waiting on her to get back to me. I will pm you when she has. When are you moving? I used to live in Aberdeen itself but left the area a few years ago.
Where are you moving from?

Notfastjustfurious Thu 23-Feb-17 23:57:13

Are you talking pre school nursery or daycare? School catchment area will make a difference. Both newburgh and ellon are nice check out aspc for houses in the area for sale. There's actually plenty of baby/toddler groups and everyone is really friendly.

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