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Which 3D/4D Scanning Clinic do you recommend?

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SweetpeasandMash Tue 21-Feb-17 12:18:44

Hi, I am wondering what experiences Mums have had with private scanning clinics - which would you recommend? I am South Wiltshire and the nearest clinics I can find are Southampton. smile

jinglehells Sun 26-Feb-17 21:12:53

We had a 3d scan at Yeovil Hospital. They run private scan clinics in the evenings. I seem to remember it costing about £70 and we got a CD and some print outs of the baby to take away. I think the main difference between their scans and some of the more expensive ones are that the shots on the CD are still photos. I seem to think some of the more expensive ones offer DVDs. Apart from the fact she refused to put her legs down so they could get a clear shot of her face the scan was really good. We saw her yawning and sucking her thumb. You can find all the details on line. They were amazing to have and look at until she arrived. Haven't looked at them so much since she arrived as have hundreds of new baby photos but I would do it again if we had another.

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