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SChapman Sun 19-Feb-17 19:18:48

Hi guys, I hope this is OK to post. My husband has created a website for tradesmen in Bristol and with a little play on words its called BRISTooL.

The website is free to use and free to place a listing, so if any of you or your partners are in a trade of some sort and you live in the Bristol area feel free to check it out smile

The website has many different categories..
Building and Maintenance - Care / Child Care - Cars / Automotive - Cleaning Services - Community Services - Computers and Internet - Entertainment - Financial and Accounting - Hair and Beauty - Health and Fitness - Home and Garden - Music and Art - Pet Care Services - Photography Services - Refuse and Recycling - Shops and Retail.

So if you or your partners trade falls within any of the categories please join and help us build the site. Thanks!

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