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Looking for local mums around the area

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hannahmichelle Sun 19-Feb-17 16:35:13

Hi guys!! My name is Hannah, I'm 22 and I have a daughter called Esme who is 20 months old. Feeling quite isolated and looking for other mums to do things like go for long walks/soft play/coffee/park! smile

user1484259215 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:03:15


We are from the Worcestershire area, is that too far? I also have a daughter called Esme.
Hope you find some new mummy's to mix with soon xx

hannahmichelle Wed 01-Mar-17 20:18:30

Unfortunately so but thank you for showing interest!! I don't drive so would be a lot of hassle sad good name choice though ☺️☺️ Xx

user1484259215 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:36:12

No worries, I hope you find someone's to do stuff with soon, it does make things like going to baby classes and groups much easier. Plus it's nice to have adult chat and company sometimes too!! X

Tanya1976 Fri 21-Apr-17 06:41:53

Hi I'm Tanya from gloucster I'm am expecting my 3rd child and I would like to chat to other mums seems like there is not enough mum's around to chat to

Loveapples Tue 13-Jun-17 16:35:47

I'm 20, expecting a little boy in a few weeks! We live near Malmesbury/Tetbury so if anyone is interested to meet, let me know! I'm on that app called MUSH as well, so feel free to contact me there.

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