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West End cleaner recommendation?

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fosterdog Sun 19-Feb-17 14:23:19

My parents live in Hillhead and need a new weekly cleaner.

My dad has dementia and my mum is 80. She's still doing well mentally and physically but as my dad gets iller she is starting to struggle to keep on top of everything.

They've been using a cleaning agency (Mary Poppins??) but the agency doesn't always send the same people and will only clean rather than help tidy. Ideally I'd love to employ an individual directly who could learn where things live in the house and help with the tidying too.

So, does anyone have a good cleaner in the West End that they'd recommend?

Larasma Mon 20-Feb-17 12:31:17

Pretty sure that she covers WE - we use Pauline at Bleach.

She runs the business and I've found them to be really excellent

she's on 07923 363120

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