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Persian playgroup

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Helshar Sat 18-Feb-17 11:38:26

I am trying to set up a Persian language playgroup for under 5s and would love to hear from other interested mums/dads.
I know a brilliant native speaking teacher who's up for it too. We want to keep it basic, immersive and fun with songs, music and play all in Farsi. My dd is 2.3. Anyone interested?? I myself barely speak the language so non-speakers welcome. I am British-born half Iranian, but this way i'd get to improve my Farsi and intro my dd to her heritage. If you want to do the same, please get in contact.
Teacher lives in Kensington, I live in Camden, venue Tbc

NCWH Mon 01-May-17 16:31:48


Have you started this? I am also very keen to teach Farsi to my 2 children, one is 4 and one will be 7 soon. I am also half Iranian but fluent in Farsi at mother tongue level , however mum passed away when my oldest was little and I rarely speak it now. Please do let me know if you got the group going. I'm sure there will be others interested in it around London.

Helshar Mon 01-May-17 18:17:14

Hi - yours is the first response! I have a teacher lined up - and she wants to run the group in South Ken. I am afraid I didn't get very far and am not part of any Persian community but I could have another concerted effort. Do you know anyone else who might be interested?

NCWH Mon 01-May-17 23:22:38

I can certainly ask around! I did meet a nearby mum who is Iranian and her children are half English and she was keen to get her boys (same ages as mine) to be exposed to Farsi and Iranian culture when I last spoke to her. I am in South West London btw but know Kensington well and grew up nearby in North Ken.

Were you thinking this could happen on a weekend? And what ages are you/ the teacher thinking of?

My Brazilian friend goes to a drop in playgroup where there are children of all ages. I also think a day on the weekend would be ideal and people can try and attend as much as possible unless we have something on of course.

Does that sound okay?
Shall I start asking around? On facebook etc.

ShaydaS Wed 19-Sep-18 06:42:23

Hi. Just wondered if you got anywhere with this? I have 1 year old twins who I an trying to speak farsi to (I'm half Persian) but would love to meet others doing the same - am based in south london but happy to travel!

Bubbaee Mon 08-Oct-18 20:56:43

Hi there, I’m a grandad of a two and a half year old boy and a two year old girl. I live in Camden and would love to find a farsi speaking group near me. I’m doing my best by refusing to speak English with them, but unfortunately I’m outnumbered!

amirsani Mon 10-Dec-18 19:40:08

Hi Everyone,

I would love to organise a Persian playgroup for my 10 month old. Have you set one up yet? Please let me know.

Thank you,


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