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Moving to Exeter

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Lulu2003 Fri 17-Feb-17 01:28:45

We are planning on moving to Exeter this summer. Any advice on areas and good primary schools would be really appreciated!

Upthetopofthehill Tue 21-Feb-17 21:30:16

Hi Lulu, I think the more important thing to think about is that Exeter is a very crowded and busy city in the rush hour. You don't want to have to cross Exeter to work or to deliver children to schools. You need to think about where you need to get to for work, and then look at the best areas local to that, and the best schools in that area. So, if you need to work at the University, then living on the far side of Exeter/other side of the river is going to be a pain, although I do know people who live on the other side but at the Uni end if that makes sense. Similarly if you are working in Marsh Barton, you need to live where that's easily accessible. Most central areas are ok, I can't say they seem that different to me when I visit friends all over the city, school-wise you have the usual mix, I didn't like the 'Outstanding' school I visited but it has a good reputation (St Leonards), it just seemed a bit cramped as it was expanding. My children go to a lovely school, if you want to PM me I can tell you which one. That said, I wouldn't move to that area specifically for a school, my children have been in quite a few schools in the wider area and they are fairly similar.

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