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Nursery advice Leyon/Leytonstone

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Elenina85 Mon 13-Feb-17 11:57:35

Hi there!
I am new to Mumsnet, so I hope I am posting in the right place!
My son has been attending a local nursery full time for the last year and a half, but I am beginning to see a few things that I really dislike and my gut instinct is telling me that I will regret it if I don't switch to another nursery.

Can anyone advise on a good nursery in the Leyton/Leytonstone area?
One where children are adequately stimulated, staff know what they are doing and healthy food is served (all things my current nursery lacks).

Many thanks!

soundsystem Mon 13-Feb-17 13:28:22


Have you tried asking in the Leyton and Leytonstone Parents group on Facebook? Also Walthamstow Parents (there are a lot of Leyton people on there!)

My DD is at Alert Kids in Leyton and I'm really happy with it. The food isn't super healthy, though. It's healthy-ish but does involve a fait bit of cake (I'm fairly relaxed about it as she eats really healthily at home).

Elenina85 Mon 13-Feb-17 14:14:46

Thank you Soundsystem for your reply!
I didn't even know there was a Leyton parent group on FB! blush
I will try to book a viewing with them within next week.
I am ok with cake (I love a bit of cake myself!), but in the nursery my son attends now, the little food that is cooked is fried in margarine and virtually everything comes out of tins or frozen packets, gets heated in the oven and served. Even the fruit they eat is not fresh, but preserved in syrup!

E11Mummy Mon 13-Feb-17 16:57:49

Little Green Man opposite the big Tesco in Leytonstone. It has been absolutely fantastic- we've been using for over 8 years now!

Elenina85 Tue 14-Feb-17 10:26:26

Many thanks E11Mummy!

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