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New to Cardiff, advice for social and activities pls

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Zoe8787 Sat 11-Feb-17 23:54:12

We have just moved to Cardiff, as DH got a lectureship in uni. DD is 7months old, she likes to be around with people and explore new things. We live in a flat in city center, obviously it is too small for her to move around, I can see she is trying to stand up, I wanna encourage her to get more active. Is there any soft play place or activities event for babies at this age in Cardiff? Thanks!!!

Sausagefingers Sun 12-Feb-17 00:59:03

Hi, welcome to Cardiff smile
My DS is 6 now but when he was a baby we used to go to soft play in the various community centres around the city (we used Pontprennau and Penylan most but there are lots- see the council website)
We also liked Cafe Junior just off Cryws Rd (I think they run different classes there too)
The cities libraries have free rhyme time events on certain week day mornings.
The parks in the city are great particularly Roath Park which has a great play area, conservatory with exotic plants and pond and the lake. Bute Park in the city and Victoria Park in Canton are great too.
Funky Little Chickens on Lamby Way is good- it's a hairdresser for small children but has a room upstairs that often has messy play sessions running (see their website)
We didn't do many classes but friends enjoyed Monkey Music, baby signing/ sing and sign and water babies (Google for times and Venues)
Techniquest in the bay holds toddler days one a month which are really good. Also if you go to the castle with proof that you live in Cardiff you can get a castle key, for £5 you get unlimited access to the Castle and grounds (which is a great place to explore). Also look up Chapter Arts centre in Canton they used to do 'carry on screaming' which was film showings aimed at mum's with babies. I hope this helps - enjoy living in Cardiff!

CottonSock Sun 12-Feb-17 11:08:33

Hi. I'm in cardiff and have 3 yo and 7 month old girls.

There really is loads and loads to do. Have you got a car?

I recommend you ask to join facbook group cardiff mums of babies born in 2016 to start you off meeting people.

Walking from city center I particularly recommend central library rhyme time, dinky fragons at the old library. The old library basement is a nice place to visit.

CottonSock Sun 12-Feb-17 11:11:19

Dinky dragons even

Zoe8787 Sun 12-Feb-17 19:46:20

Wow, that's very informative, thanks a lot!

pinkpanther79 Thu 16-Mar-17 20:34:57

Most of the soft plays have baby areas. Jump is probably best as it's just been redesigned but avoid when school children are in. Party fizz do a class there and you can use facilities after.

A lot of the leisure centres also have soft play sessions. In llanishen you can combine with a swim.

I agree techniques toddler days are good but v busy. Think cardiff story and main museum do special sessions too. The staff in cardiff story are lovely.

Don't use the soft play in mothercare in Newport red. V overpriced. Ants in ya pants a short way up is much cheaper and do a good sausage sandwich!

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