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VeeBees Sat 04-Feb-17 10:40:16

Hello. New here and looking for a bit of help/advice. I am having to relocate from Sussex to the west country next month for work. Can anyone advise on best bits of Bath to live? I don't have a clue! (I'm currently looking for something to rent).

QTPieToo Sat 04-Feb-17 22:43:57


What sort of property are you looking to rent and what is your budget? What are your needs as far as work/schools are concerned?

VeeBees Sun 05-Feb-17 10:45:37

One or two bedrooms plus outside space - between 1 - 1.3k per month. Just me, as my children have left home.

ItsAHillyHill Sun 05-Feb-17 14:55:27

Where will you be working? Travel across Bath can be difficult at peak times, so if you need to get to the M4 you'd want to look at e.g. Larkhall; if you want to get to Bristol Newbridge & Weston would be good; if you are working in the City Centre, try and find somewhere within walking distance and with a bus route; Combe Down or Claverton Down if you are working at the Uni. Bear Flat is also a nice place to live.

If you're not working you can take your pick. You can choose from village areas such as Larkhall and Combe Down; areas nearer the centre such as Widcombe and Camden but which still have good sense of community; calm and quiet areas like Bathwick.

Have you put your criteria in Rightmove and seen what comes up? Do you need parking?

I put in two beds, £1k to £1.3k. These are the three I think match your needs just from the first page - not gone any further! This house is in a nice area, great for walking down into town and up to Bear Flat for local shops & cafés. Parking is residents permits but it is an area where there is usually space to park nearby.

This flat is in a nice area, has communal gardens but does have parking

Shared garden and private parking (but you can walk early everywhere)

VeeBees Sun 05-Feb-17 23:16:49

Thank you so much. I do work full time and can see that traffic is something I will definitely need to think about.

MrsEricBana Mon 06-Feb-17 16:01:57

Smart - Sion Hill, Bathwick, some parts of Lansdown
Really nice, smart but more bohemian and good community - Widcombe
Larkhall - nice village atmosphere
Combe Down - v nice but above the main town
Bathampton - nice but just along A36 from main town
Oldfield Park - full of students
Totally agree with Hilly about traffic and do not even consider getting somewhere with difficult parking. Even if it says residents' permits available that doesn't guarantee a space though in some areas it is easier than others e.g. our street is residents' parking up till 6pm and very easy to park in day but occasionally tricky last thing, whereas some residents' only streets are impossible all the time.

VeeBees Mon 06-Feb-17 17:19:41

Thanks. This is exactly the kind of info I need. I have been hearing more and more about traffic issues in Bath. Would I be better off somewhere like Frome, I wonder?

MrsEricBana Mon 06-Feb-17 20:27:44

Definitely not!! Bath is a fantastic place to live. Just check out that your new place and your work are realistically drive/parkable at either end or you can walk/bus/cycle (it's hilly so take that into account). Happy to answer any questions - Bath is great!

JohnnyBarthes Thu 16-Feb-17 08:15:35

It really does depend on where you're going to be working. I'd try to be within walking distance of work, or at least on a direct bus route.

Bath is wonderful. I've been priced out so live in Wiltshire now (way cheaper), but would move back in a heartbeat.

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