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Prep school help! Liphook, Hampshire/surrey border!

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vrid85 Fri 03-Feb-17 10:22:16

Hiya everyone,

This is my first post to please bear with me! I have posted a similar message on the Surrey site as we are looking at schools in both areas..

My Ds is three and due to start prep school in September 2018, so far we have looked around The Royal School, Amesbury, St. Edmunds and Churchers junior school which all look lovely and we're totally torn!

Since Ds is so young we just want an 'all round' not too much of a hot house but still quite an accademic school. It is very important to me that children are given an excellent cultural and moral understanding of the society in which we live and DH is avery strong sportsman.
So far I have liked all the schools we have seen, especially the facilities at St Edmunds, however based on the IsI reports Churchers and Amesbury are coming out top but I am slightly concerned that Churchers has a new head..
I have heard good things about a highfield and Brookham but not keen to the mandatory Saturday school for such young pupils. We are also considering Barfield or Edgeborough.
Does anyone have children in or have experience of any of the aforementioned schools or other local preps? If so I would really appreciate your thoughts!!

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