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Kingston or St Georges?

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MiniBump2017 Thu 02-Feb-17 22:13:20

Which do you think is better? Anyone have any experiences or views?

LocalEditorMerton Fri 03-Feb-17 12:00:20

Are you meaning for having a baby, or more generally?

MiniBump2017 Fri 03-Feb-17 20:02:18

To have a baby smile

Willemdefoeismine Sat 04-Feb-17 07:47:02

I had mine at St George's (five years apart). Thought the care on the Labour Suites was brilliant but a lot less impressed by the Post-Natal Ward (and care!). However, it is during the birth that one needs the first rate care/attention so I wouldn't be put off by that.

I have friends who had their DCs at Kingston Hospital and friends who've had theirs at St George's (and even a few who've gone to St Helier) - people seem to plump for one or the other for all their births (unless, I guess, they've had a bad experience), so it's not that easy to compare/contrast.

I think I opted for St George's on the grounds that it's a teaching hospital and why would one choose a smaller hospital when one had the option of the former with all its expertise?

Granted there have been many issues highlighted recently in St George's CQC ratings. However, I recall that Midwifery was singled out as a speciality of excellence (one of my friends is a midwife there, hence my interest and recollection of that positive among the many negatives of the CQC report).

Good luck!

2FatLadied Sat 04-Feb-17 11:40:50

I'm out of date, but at the time (8 years ago) that I had my dd at Kingston, a friend had her baby at St Georges and had an awful experience, and then chose Kingston for her second. I think that if you're a high risk pregnancy it's definitely sensible to go there, as they have a NICU, but for a low risk pregnancy I chose Kingston as (at the time) it had lower intervention and C-section rates.

Also worth considering the ante-natal care - Kingston does it at St Mary's Roehampton for people living in Wimbledon, which is a lovely calm place with plenty of parking (though a bit of a slow bus ride). Unlike St Georges, which is neither calm nor easy to park in. I only went to Kingston for the actual birth.

Jimjam68 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:31:48

My experience is not recent (DDs are 11 and 9). Problematic first childbirth following on from being induced and ending in emergency C section at St George's. Couldn't fault the staff in the delivery suite, the aftercare was a different story and it was a traumatic experience as a first time mum. They were understaffed hugely, unsympathetic, brusque, uncaring. I could not face returning to St George's for the second birth. This next time I had a planned C section, so altogether less stressful but a vast difference in after care, staffing levels and attitude of the staff. If you're in and out in a day or so I'm sure you'd be fine at either but any longer and I'd avoid St George's. I feel bad saying that knowing the problems the NHS are facing but I can only share my experiences.

Jimjam68 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:38:13

Sorry I didn't say my second birth was at Kingston

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