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Feedback for a business idea

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EleanorrostantNTU Thu 02-Feb-17 13:46:54

- Hi there,
I am a student from Nottingham Trent University in my final few months. I have basically founded a idea that I would love some feedback on. Feel free to ask questions or critique anything, as it is all welcome and helpful. It would be great to her whether you think this is a good idea or where there can be improvements made as a outsider organisation, I would love to hear it first hand. To do so please respond to the thread below.
Anyway, my idea is as follows '' a social networking platform called ‘No Pause’ it aims at matching females of the same age range (in this case 45-55). This is done by lifestyle and location, where all these females share a goal of becoming active. Women of this age often would potentially like to be more active but have barriers stopping them doing so"
Let me know what you think, it would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time

Silenenutans Sat 04-Feb-17 22:28:37

Could you explain the name please? Also the choice of age group? And, why you believe being 'matched' with others will help - presumably lack of support / friends doing the same thing has been identified as the main barrier to becoming more active, rather than lack of time, for example?

So, would it be a 'find an exercise buddy' facility, matching runners with runners, walkers with walkers, swimmers with swimmers etc locally? I suppose there could be some value in that, for activities that aren't already done through clubs that welcome newcomers of all abilities. e.g. you could probably join a tennis club as a new starter, book lessons and find buddies that way, whereas for swimming or running, clubs may expect you to be of a certain standard to start with.

Having said that, there are women's running groups locally, that offer exactly these sort of 'new starters' groups. But, yes, I can see if you wanted to do couch to 5k with a lunch time running buddy, this idea might help.

You'd need a lot of people using your facility before it became useful though. How would you get them all signed up quickly enough?

EleanorrostantNTU Sun 05-Feb-17 09:17:32

Thank you for your response Silenutans.
The name simply reflects the lack of time women of the age I have researched into and yet could be applied to any future age I chose to extend this potential growth to.

I am looking into the core age of 45-55 currently just as a starting point for this project, but then if it were to be a extended obviously more age groups would be taken into consideration. or lifestyle e.g. young babies or dog owners etc (just off the top of my head ideas)

The idea of matching with like minded individuals gives support and a almost 'buddy' system to then test and try new or current sports with. This is the spring board for females to feel confident enough to attend a class or activity and therefore see results an feel positive, leading to encouragement of others via word of mouth or her herself investing time in networking through the platform.

Not only could you find other people who match with similar sports of interest but you could match with someone who possibly wanted to try something new and give a new sport a shot and that thread of common wanting a new experience could encourage both parties to try that said activity.

There would be alot of local as well as big name industry lead choices and therefore women would be drawn to the variety, how easy it is to fit in there day, the social element and hopefully the positive feedback this platform would receive. There are many avenues to encourage people to sign up, I have rough ideas such as pop up stores in local shopping centres just to get conversation going with potential people who are interested in the app, recommending a friend the app would unlock certain benefits therefore word of mouth. There are many ideas in the mix and will be developed more so once I reach that stage in my project in about 2/3 weeks time

I hope that answers any questions, if you would like more information please feel free to comment below smile

awindup Mon 27-Feb-17 14:25:37

Hi there firstly confession time I'm a man. However with the age group being as it is and aimed at females and the word " pause "in the title, it simply reminded me of the menopause! I'm assuming that this was your original intention? The idea of not stopping the simply because you're going through a change in your body and emotional state and to reinvigorate your attitude towards exercise or activity. However it is kind of suggesting that females of this age would normally be menopausal. I hope you don't find this negative I can assure you it isn't merely an observation from a different point of view. Regards. Paul

EleanorrostantNTU Mon 27-Feb-17 14:56:13

Thank you Paul!
The name is currently being changed and formed but all feedback is welcome and received well!
Thank you for taking the time out to comment

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