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Does this message sound dodgy?

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Amandamiss Wed 01-Feb-17 10:08:58

Recently I was scrolling through my husbands phone and found a message on there to another woman. It was at new year and he was with me. He sent her a message saying 'I'm thinking about you' she's a lot younger than me and very attractive. He said I was worrying about nothing. Although I would never send a colleague from work a message like that? Should I be worried.

Treesaregood Wed 01-Feb-17 18:02:12

It would worry me if I were you. Did you know you have posted on a local board – might be better on the main site

4m4nd4 Wed 01-Feb-17 19:14:34

I can arrange for this to be moved if you would like me to op?

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