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Speech and Language Therapy

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Siresc Tue 31-Jan-17 14:01:20

I am an independent Speech and Language a Therapist working in Worcestershire. I want to tell parents about my services but not sure where to advertise. I am going to adverise on Mumsnet but not sure where else you would look if you wanted to find a therapist for your child? Any help much appreciated!

LEWorcs Mon 06-Feb-17 11:23:30

Hi there
Thanks for the message. Happy to proceed with the advert when you are ready.
Have you thought about arranging drop in sessions for any parents that are concerned? Perhaps a free session once a month that people can pop along to and get more information? For many parents they are sometimes unsure where and when they might need to seek extra help. If they can find out a little more in a relaxed atmosphere it might help them make the decision to take the next step and get some support? Again i would be more than happy to promote this in the area.
The other option would be to create some leaflets and drop them in key places like libraries, play centres etc?
Sorry if you have already thought of these ideas, just the first things that came into my head.
Look forward to talking to you again :-)

SunnyRandall Mon 06-Feb-17 20:10:38

Personally I would set up a Facebook page and (where allowed) share it on local town boards. You could ask existing parents to leave you a review.

Zara79 Tue 07-Feb-17 17:08:38

I used a private speech therapist for my daughter after not getting anywhere with the NHS ones. The suggestions came from fab mums on Worcestershire Mums Network (Facebook group). I think they have once a month where you can advertise or on a Friday. Can't recall. They also have. Worcestershire Business Mums Support Network that you can join.
Let me know and I'll link it as I'm on my phone now.

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