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Bath Central Library is CLOSING, do you attend groups there?

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MarytheFairy Sat 28-Jan-17 11:29:13

Hiya, I am part of the Save Bath Library Group and would like to get in contact with user groups of our library as I'm talking at a council meeting next week and want to hear your views (as the council hasn't asked anyone!!)
I'm going to be your voice...
Do you attend any of the Bookstart Baby Bounce, Lego, Story and Rhyme or writers groups in the Library itself?
Or do you use the library with your children and enjoy the service and space it provides already?
Please would you tell me how it will feel for you when the library closes and re-opens 75% smaller, less books, on second and third floors of office building, with NO parking (car park is planned to be opposite not underneath library as it is at present)
I am genuinely interested in how it will affect yousmile
best wishes Fairy

ItsAHillyHill Sat 28-Jan-17 18:51:21

I don't support the plans to downgrade the central library but it's misleading to claim the library is closing when it is in fact moving, and moving to an equally central place!

It's simply not true to say there is no parking when there is dedicated disabled parking on the forecourt, Manvers Street car park directly across the road, and Southgate just round the back. Lewis House is also much nearer the bus station. In any case, we shouldn't be encouraging people to drive into the city centre as it is already so congested and pollution levels are already dangerous. What matters is disabled parking, and that is available at Lewis House and across the road in Manvers Street (nearer than the disabled parking in the podium).

Why is being on the second floor of an office block any different from being on the first floor of a commercial block? It just isn't. It's right above the One Stop Shop, making it very convenient for people seeking advice.

I think library services are hugely important but I'm not playing any part in this campaign because I am appalled at the lies that are continually repeated.

I am a user of the library. I've rarely attended any groups there either on my own or with children. At the moment I'm most concerned about the loss of skilled librarians. I've had great advice and help from them in the past. I'm sorry you haven't mentioned the staff losses.

I mostly use the library for non-fiction books and I do find the books on the shelves are often very out of date. I mostly order on-line from the Libraries West service, and collect the books when they come in.

When my children were toddlers/pre-schoolers we spent a lot of time sitting reading in the children's area. I think maintaining a good, welcoming space for children is essential. But we've no idea what will actually be there as there don't seem to be any plans at all.

MarytheFairy Sat 28-Jan-17 21:51:07

Hi itsHilly,
Thank you for your valuable comment and feedback.
How is the disabled parking in the podium for the library nearer than where it is already? I don't know what you mean!
The library IS closing!
25 staff will be lost.
Books will be sold.
Any books you do want will have to be ordered online or at a counter in the 'new' library Argos-style.
There will be very few books on shelves as they can't fit what they have in the 'new' location.
My only concern for this particular thread is for the 3 minute talk I will be giving the council next week at their meeting.
You say you go there with your children and the staff were helpful. That's great feedback thanx.
I went there a lot when my son was little. It's a valuable resource and it was purpose built. Maybe you weren't in Bath when it was first erected but the site was intentional.
The 'new' library will be on a first and second floor.
Have you been up the stairs to the new location?
Used the lift?
We have. The steps are very steep. The lift is very slow and there is only one lift.
It's not the same as at the moment and the parking will be opposite but only on one level as the council are planning on selling one level off....
At the moment over 1,300 people use the library everyday.
The figures are 41,000 + users a month.
That's a LOT of people to cram into a much smaller location.
At the moment there is space for 100 people wanting to study.
There is free WIFI and computer space.
There is access to the research material.
That will be moved to the basement of the Guildhall.
We are meeting with as many many people as possible to get their views as the council have NOT held an official consultation which is their statutory duty.
My ask is for people especially Mum's/Dad's views of the library bcoz with an Argos style ordering system there will not be many (or any) books on shelves for children (or adults) to browse before loaning.
All this information and more is available on the BANES democracy website....if you want to trawl through lots of pages of budgets!!

What you're NOT being told clearly is it will cost £25 MILLION to move and they say they want to save £800, 000 a year for 3 spending £25 MILLION on a new location when the one they have works perfectly OK?
You can read more unbiased info here
You can read how the Government recommends councils deal with library changes here

I hope that answers some questions and I look forward to other replies toosmile
best wishes

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