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Primaries in South Norwood for in-year-transfer - help!

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SE25 Fri 27-Jan-17 19:04:28

About to move to South Norwood and have DD1 (6) currently in Year 2 and DD2 (4) in nursery, starting school in September.

I've done some online research about the schools local to our new house (can't apply for in-year-transfer until we've actually moved) but I would LOVE to hear any views at all people might have about the following schools - good or bad; first or second-hand; anecdotes or hard facts...

We definitely want to stay away from faith-based or faith "ethos" schools (which I believe rules out the Oasis Academies?)

Anyway, thank you so much to anyone who could offer any thoughts. Feeling rather lost with this!

South Norwood Academy

Heavers Park Primary

Stewart Fleming Primary

Woodside Academy

Robert Fitzroy Academy

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