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Sawston VC

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redtulips123 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:53:30

OK, I'm looking for any scoop on Sawston VC. We are moving to Cambridge this summer from USA. We had expected to place our 3 kids into Cambridge independent schools, but it's not looking hopeful, especially for DS - Y9, since we missed the admissions exams, etc. We may still be able to get independent school places for DS Y4 and DD Y7, but we'll see.

In any case, we have been seriously considering moving to Great Shelford. So I'm asking -- what do people think of Sawston VC? All I can tell is that it has Good Ofsted from a while back and that the recent GCSE results are even better.

DS Y9 is a bright kid, but he needs some pushing because he won't necessarily challenge himself past what it takes to get make the grade. He likes math and computer science. He's an outgoing kid and sporty though I haven't figured out if or how his American sports translate to UK (competitive swimmer, also plays basketball and football (American style)).

DD Y7 -- she is very diligent student and never even bends a school rule. She is shy at first and thrives in supportive environment with encouraging, nice teachers. She loves learning languages and also music, especially choir and flute. She is also into sports - she plays girls football, basketball and also swims competitively. I really thought Saint Mary's might be a good fit for her, and that may still be an option, but I figure we might as well look at Sawston VC for her too.

Just wondering if any of you have kids at Sawston VC and/ or have opinions about it? We are not necessarily committed to moving to Shelford area, but we like that there is a station and that it's fairly convenient to Cambridge via bus, cycle, train, and also that it has a few more shops than some of the other smaller villages. Work will be near Cambridge Station.

Please forgive the novel about my kids... I just thought it might help to gauge whether Sawston VC would be a good school fit.

Are places hard to come by at Sawston VC? I can't imagine us getting a local address before March/April timeframe.

Lovewalking Thu 26-Jan-17 22:44:58

DD is in her final year there. Has been really good for her. She is bright but they have pushed her too. Loads going on - DD does music and there are good ensembles, choirs and instrument teaching with some excellent local specialist teachers ( for flute and clarinet for example) who have been there for years. There is an annual concert in the university concert hall, carol's in Great st Mary's in the city and a lovely picnic concert too. Lots of drama and sport and other stuff going on too. Trips to Iceland, Germany, Somme etc There is a strong pupil senate which supports charitable causes and gets involved with stuff like Amnesty and Holocaust Memorial day.

They push the academic stuff but are also keen on producing well rounded teenagers. We've been really pleased. It does seem to be on the up in the last few years and on raw exam grades alone has started to do as well as some of the very well thought of state schools in the area eg Linton and Comberton.

DD not into football but I do know there is a good girl's football at Sawston FC.

Lovewalking Thu 26-Jan-17 22:47:00

Apologies for all the stray apostrophes! It's my tablet honest...

Tingalingle Fri 27-Jan-17 15:39:36

It's been the best school we could have hoped for for our son (who relished the music and drama in particular). Our younger child is less enthusiastic and more reluctant to get stuck into the extra activities, but she's a more anxious personality.

Not too keen on the 'vertical tutor group' structure, which is a fairly new arrangement. However, it's a good school with staff who really go the extra mile.

The Great St Mary's concert is particularly fab, isn't it, Lovewalking (waves) though I worry somewhat about the sheer number of tubas on that balcony.

The choirs are great, and singing lessons are the one thing that has gone down really well with our nervy child. I challenge Linton or Comberton to come up with a choir that attracts so many of the boys back at Christmas, years after they've supposedly left!

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