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Kings House School Richmond?

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DanniiVass Thu 26-Jan-17 10:56:09


Looking for any first hand opinion/experiences of Kings House school in Richmond. My little one is currently attending a state school in Richmond (Year 1), but looking ahead to the secondary options it looks like we might have to consider independent secondary. Coming from abroad I'm finding the school day here quite long and tiring for him - can't imagine fitting in tutoring (seems a bit mean on top of expecting him to do his normal homework etc.)

We are considering moving him to Kings House school from year 2 in the hope that he will be better prepared without needing any additional tutoring.

Would really appreciate any information from current/past kings house parents on their experience of the school and the transition from primary to secondary thereafter? Do any children move at 11+ to co-ed (e.g. to Kingston grammar) or is it mostly geared to moving to the London boys day-schools?

Any thoughts/opinions very welcome.

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