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Urdu/Hindi Baby Toddler Groups

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APR2017 Tue 24-Jan-17 16:15:30

Hello! I am a new mum of a 6 month old baby boy and am originally from Pakistan. I'm keen to connect with other Pakistani/Indian parents to form a baby/toddler group so our children can learn the language - maybe an Urdu/Hindi music group.
Look forward to hearing from others who are interested as well!

AmericanLondoner Mon 20-Feb-17 12:27:16


Thanks so much for creating this thread. My parents are Indian, and I grew up in the US. I speak to my 2.5 yr old only in Hindi, my own Hindi not being perfect of course, but I try anyway. I have been searching for a Hindi/Urdu-speaking playgroup for my daughter for ever, but no luck. We're in central NW London. How about you? Hope you've gotten some more responses. Feel free to PM.

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