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Schools in Walton/Shepperton/Hersham Area (Walton Oak and Cranmere)

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missmowgli Tue 24-Jan-17 07:58:23

Hi Ladies. I'm moving back to Shepperton/Walton area at the end of Easter and am looking for school places in years 1 and 4. Our closest school is Ashley C of E but it's obviously oversubscribed. My son is number 1 on the waiting list for Year 4 but my daughter is number 15 for year 1🙄. Does anyone know if there is much movement at the school or should I just forget it and move on? The council have advised that there are places in Walton Oak Primary and Cranmere Primary in Esher. Does anyone have experience of these schools at all? I have read a thread about bullying from pupils who are travellers at Walton Oak which has really unsettled me even though it was from 2013! Is there anyone with children there who can give me an accurate picture of the school now? Also Cranmere is an option but is quite far away. Is it a nice school and is it very academic? My son has mild sensory processing disorder and needs a little bit of extra help so am really looking for a caring school but also one that would push him a little bit! Burhill Community school have a year 4 place and I'm wondering whether it's worth putting my son in and waiting to get a place for my daughter. Any advice?
Please help as am a complete stressed Eric at the mo😱.

OfstedAintEverything Tue 24-Jan-17 09:03:42

Burhill's very good. Take the place there if the school run is do-able for you. You may well not want to leave.

Ashley has a longstanding (thirty years plus) social rating of the "naicest" school in Walton. Which is fair enough. It has a privileged middle-class-intake, whereas Walton Oak has a genuinely community intake, so yes there are Traveller families, kids from the faux shock council estate, and guess what, they don't have all the Kath Kidston and full designer of the Ashley Mums Brigade. When we lived in Walton, One of our friends had a transfer from the community school into Ashley, and on the first day taking her daughter there, a "friendly" mum in the new playground said "oh, you've come from xxxx? You must be SO PLEASED you've been lucky to get a place here"......
So yes, Ashley is great, but some of the parents are a bit "us and them" and look down on the "paupers" in other local schools.

missmowgli Wed 25-Jan-17 16:29:32

Hi OfstedAintEverything, thanks for your insight! I've been to see Burhill today and I must say that it is a lovely school with a really nice feel. I'm going to look at Walton Oak in the next couple of days as I've now heard some very good things about it. I would have loved to get my 2 into Ashley because it does look like a lovely school and it's also my closest! I'm not sure the choice will be mine so I'll have to wait and see.

TheHuntingOfTheSarky Wed 25-Jan-17 19:35:57

My children are both at Burhill (y1 and y4) and it is an excellent school, I can't fault it at all. Ashley is ok but their facilities are very limited and they are (imo) riding along on the basis of having been the best through primary school in the area. However this was before Burhill and Grovelands became through primaries and now the three schools are pretty equally matched. I have a friend who is a Governor at Walton Oak and they are coming along very well also.

If I were you I would grab the Y4 place at Burhill with both hands like a shot. There is every possibility that a place for your younger child will become available very soon.

missmowgli Wed 25-Jan-17 20:24:29

TheHuntingOfTheSarkey are you in the know?! Taking the place means moving my son and myself back early and leaving my daughter overseas with my husband but I think it would be worth it, I really liked Burhill. We weren't due back until Easter but if we wait we would risk losing the place. If there's a space coming up on Year 1, I'm on to SCC tomorrowwink!

TheHuntingOfTheSarky Wed 25-Jan-17 21:41:42

As it happens I do know of one Burhill family with a daughter in Year 1 who are just about to move to another area, but obviously don't know how many other families are waiting for that space - if any. All I can say is that it's an amazing school with a great mix of families. In my experience Ashley parents seem to think they're superior to the rest of us but actually there's no justification for this. As I said before, for a long time they were the best primary school in the area but that was only because so many other schools were "just" infants or "just" juniors e.g. Grovelands, Burhill, Bell Farm, and these schools were therefore not taken into consideration. Now all these schools are "through primaries" and will in due course be part of the same league tables at Ashley.

Please feel free to pm me about this, I'm very happy to give more details of our experiences at Burhill so far!

SpeedwellBlue Wed 25-Jan-17 23:22:27

I don't know the schools but once you have one child in presumably your other child will be bumped to the top of the list via the sibling rule?

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