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Hall school Wimbledon

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Ozcolemans Mon 23-Jan-17 20:00:37

Hi there

We are moving to Wimbledon having lived in Melbourne for nearly 10 years. Our kids are 10 and nearly 12. Anyone have children at Hall School Wimbledon? I'd love to find out what Its like from someone who is there.

elemis Tue 24-Jan-17 18:43:22

There's a few old threads on here I think.
Personally I love it, but only have experience of the primary school. Yours would be at the senior school.
It's the same ethos, produces very well rounded, polite,happy children.
It's very active, they do some form of exercise before the school day starts. Field trips, they have a farm in Wales.
Their results improve year after year, but you'll still hear that it's not academic- it's non selective so I don't think the results should be compared.
The headmaster is the founder, it's very much a family business, which makes it a bit different.
You'll probably hear things about it being different and non-traditional, but that's only really the exercise thing, the headmaster is actually a bit old school.
It's very international too, which is very much celebrated. Message me if you have any questions

Ozcolemans Tue 24-Jan-17 20:23:09

Thanks for the message.
When you say it's "international", what do you mean? Is it a very eclectic mix of nationalities? I'm just wondering if it feels transient? My son suffers from anxiety and so the move back to the uk is likely to be quite traumatic for him in particular. I'm looking for a school that is structured and consistent, where it's clear what's expected and how it all works.
I also wonder if there's enough girls?

elemis Wed 25-Jan-17 10:46:49

International, Japanese, French, Spanish, Scandinavian, Dutch.
There's definitely a few overseas postings, which makes it transient, but most parents are London based.
There are more boys than girls, but I've never even thought about that, certainly not a problem. They are trying to attract more girls(there may be a discount)
They are actually v strict about what is expected from the children, contrary to some strange idea that it's a bit hippyish.
Can you visit the school beforehand?
I think you'd know instantly if it's the school for you, I did.
What struck me was the confident happy children.

Ozcolemans Thu 26-Jan-17 10:51:23

Thanks for the info! Its so hard trying to do it from over here! Trouble is, I can't see any other schools that either would have places or would be a good match for my kids. So many uber competitive schools - it kind of puts me off moving to the area at all! Hoping there are plenty of down to earth folk too!!

elemis Thu 26-Jan-17 12:58:02

It's definitely not a high pressured school and parents are all very friendly
Not pushy at all

user1484 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:27:17

I don't have any kids in that school, but I walk up the hill every day and they seem like a very nice and polite bunch, and yes! I usually feel sorry when I see them running, but they're always chatting away and seem happy.
From my experience, kids that attend schools with international pupils are very welcoming and open minded, as they are used to meeting new friends since they are young.
My daughter attends a school with lots of international girls and I can assure you they always welcome them and soon blend into the class, even the ones that don't speak the language fluently.
Good luck with your decision.

childof79 Fri 27-Jan-17 07:51:08

The international thing is something you wouldn't be able to avoid in Wimbledon. Have you also thought of Ibstock Place (by Richmond Park).

PixieLily123 Fri 03-Feb-17 17:36:16

Hi Ozcolemans,

My daughter is at the Hall School Wimbledon. I personally love it, and my daughter who suffers from anxiety and is very shy, absolutely loves it there. They run almost every day, whatever the weather, which can be scary but is very good for the children. There are more boys than girls, but I see that as a positive thing, because the girls stick together.
I love their homework "flint" system, my daughter has 15 minutes of homework per evening, and on Friday, they have the "flint wall", which is on all the subjects they've worked on in the homework. No homeworks on week-ends or holidays.
They do have a lot of international students, but the level is still very high in English and in other languages. The languages (french and english) are taught by native (or almost native) teachers.
I don't know what else to say, I could only recommend that you visit this school and feel or yourself.

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