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RE: Eton House the Manor Girls - Commute from Putney

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Bellseybub Mon 23-Jan-17 13:41:35

I very much appreciate anyone who can help with some first hand advice confused . I have a place for my DD at Eaton House the Manor School. I am absolutely desperate to get my DD in to one of the best prep schools I can. I live in Putney which does have some good schools but they dont seem to be of the same calibre of Eaton House which has fantastic school leavers results to top senior and boarding schools.

There are three areas that are a bit of a challenge:

1) I live in Putney Heath and have no idea how it will be remotely possible to get my DD to Clapham every day given the horrendous rush hour traffic. Does anyone else travel from Putney and what are your options? I know there is a school bus from Parsons Green, but in real terms I am not sure that travelling all the way to PG is really that much more practical. That said, if the bus went from Putney Bridge, this would be a brilliant start and a game changer! Any knowledge on the route or options from Putney are extremely greatly appreciated!

2) Eton House would like me to confirm my place for DD (2018 intake) in 2 weeks time. However the two other schools I have put her down for (Prospect House, and Ibstock Place) have neither guaranteed her a place yet so this is my one guaranteed option. I am potentially considering as an option Putney High School for Girls, but it doesnt seem to have the etiquette or school leaver focus that prep's do, and this slightly puts me off.

3) In an ideal world (having been at an all girls school myself), I would have preferred if given the option, to have a mixed school, but it seems a large percentage of the best schools are single sex and I am running out of options on this.

Point 1 is really my biggest concern regarding Eton House, and if I could eliminate this issue, it would make the decision a lot easier!

Any advice is very gratefully received! I feel like I am spinning in circles!!! smile

Greydove Mon 23-Jan-17 21:18:17

What age is your child? 4/5?
Have you asked Ibstock and PH where you are on their list?
How will you manage after school playdates?

Bellseybub Mon 23-Jan-17 21:54:27

Hi, yes I have spoken to both schools and neither can guarantee a place until later on and there are no guarantees. She is on a waiting list (which she has been for 18 months) but I do know PH don't have an earlier nursery placement for her for next autumn which we also applied for and underestimated how long in advance we would have to apply to actually get one (thinking we were fairly early off the mark).

Having spent huge amounts of time researching, I understand Eton House has a lot of pupils from
Other areas inc a huge pool from nearby Fulham and SW London so play dates are not overly an issue. I would in an ideal world like a local school, but given EH is the only one with a solid offer and already want and confirmed response, it puts me in a bit of a roulette position.
Do I chance getting a place elsewhere (if I don't get it, I'm screwed), or do I take a place up with a school with a fantastic all round reputation that clearly understands children's needs and is very good a placing them in their best option schools when the time comes, but is just that bit far away? It's a really difficult decision!

Greydove Mon 23-Jan-17 22:17:41

Have you looked at Putney High School?

CaptainNjork Tue 24-Jan-17 14:15:43

I think you are seeing more of a difference between Eaton House, the Manor and other local preps than there really is.

I know plenty of children who have been or still are at Eaton House (and had offers for my own DC there several moons ago). My DS' prep routinely has boys join at 7 and 8+ from EH precisely because their parents are worried that EH isn't going to get them into their desired schools - particularly if they are aiming for day schools. It is a lovely school but it is not the academic powerhouse that you seem to think it is.

Putney High is definitely much more academic. They won't have any leavers' results to show you but that's because the senior school is so good the girls choose to stay, not because they couldn't do so. In fact, a girl who can pass Putney's exam (as the junior girls do) would sail through the entrance exams for 90% of the schools on EH's leaver's list.

The timing is tricky with not having another offer yet but personally I'd hold out.

CaptainNjork Tue 14-Feb-17 17:34:20

What did you decide to do in the end OP?

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