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Moving to Redruth...... good decision?

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Kwells84 Sat 21-Jan-17 08:16:06

Hi all, we are potentially buying a property in redruth (park rd, near Victoria park).
My husband is from Cornwall and I have previously lived in Cornwall (perranporth) but know little about Redruth. We have lived out of cornwall for 3 years now abs know a lot has changed.
What is it like to live in Redruth? Are there places to avoid? Is it ok where our potential property is? We love the house. The closest school to take both our girls is st day. Trewirgie is down the road so it's a shame we can't put them in there.

Emwahs Sat 17-Jun-17 16:17:03

Sorry you have not had a reply! Are you still looking at moving? I live a few miles down the road. St day is more of a rural area compared to the town so probably quieter and out of the town centre, Redruth is not a bad place of live there are plenty of worse places, but even every town or area has nice parts. Xx

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