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Highfields school?

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Outsideinside Thu 19-Jan-17 19:11:48

Does anyone know what it's actually like? It's likely to be our closest senior school, & I'm wondering if we need to move to Hitchin...?!

Lalaletchworth Thu 19-Jan-17 21:21:07

Quite a few Letchworth girls I know got into Hitchin Girls from Letchworth last year so it's worth checking catchment from where you live if you have a girl - don't know about other Hitchin schools
I don't think Highfield is brilliant..... I live very close and am basing this mainly on the total gormlessness I see from the pupils and the swearing but that may be every secondary school out there
I know 2 teachers at Highfield and they haven't sent their kids there

savtara Sat 21-Jan-17 14:19:23

The 'parent view' portal mentions over strictness.... which doesn't really chime with the gormless students?! Maybe the teachers need to be incredibly strict to keep them on their toes..?

Re: Hitchin boys / girls - I understand they're probably changing the admission rules soon to accommodate less children from Letchworth and more students from Hitchin...

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