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redtulips123 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:17:15

I'm looking for recommendations for Girls Football. We are relocating to Cambridge this summer. My daughter is 10 (Year 6 equivalent) and an avid football player. Girls football is definitely the top girls sport where we live now, and nothing else is even close. This is her 2nd year on a premier club team that practices and competes year-round.

She is NOT happy about the move.... I'm trying to make the transition a little easier for her by hopefully finding out about girls football teams in the Cambridge area. It looks like the sport is really growing the UK, or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

We are still pretty flexible on location, whether in city, or in a village, as we still haven't picked which area to live. Still looking for schools, etc. Work will be near Cambridge Station.

My 7 yr old son also loves football, but I'm assuming it will be easier to find something for him?

Thanks for any advice.

GirtonGirl Thu 19-Jan-17 06:41:25

I believe there is a girls football team in Histon (just north of Cambridge). Don't know any more details though.
I would have thought there would be several around.
Good Luck!

Tingalingle Thu 19-Jan-17 14:54:24

I know of Sawston Girls

but there;s a women's and girls' league table roundup here which admittedly has not very much info on it, but might give you some team names to follow up?

HereIAm20 Thu 19-Jan-17 15:39:13

If she is already playing for a PL development team it mihht be worth contacting Norwich/Ipswich snd even Cambridge Utd to ask what schemes they run for girls in the Cambridge area if any. I have heard of locsl squads for the boys but not girls. My understanding if she is looking for a local team that Cambridge City are a good team. If she is playing at a higher level I know some girls even in U15s level are playing for boys teams.

redtulips123 Fri 20-Jan-17 00:12:31

Thanks much! Tinga especially since the League table does seem a great place to start. And will look into Sawston Girls as well.

It will be so nice if my daughter can get on a girls soccer team -- she really doesn't like playing on a boys team. I think she would quit before playing on a boys' team...

millroadster Fri 10-Feb-17 01:25:43

I can say from personal experience that the Sawston Girls Football club is a fantastic, friendly place and they take their training and playing very seriously. A great club!

MayfieldPTAer Fri 17-Feb-17 18:28:05

Chesterton eagles

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