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Query about Stephen Perse Sixth Form College / perse girls

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HKMOMhere Tue 17-Jan-17 15:37:26

Hello, everyone! My daughter received an offer from the Stephen Perse 6th Form College in Cambridge, and we would need to decide and reply as soon as possible.

I've asked this previously in a post, but S suggested by parents, there might be more comments if I asked in the local section.

So I would like to ask everyone here whether you/your relatives/friends have any experiences with this school. What's life like? How's the teaching, the campus and the pastoral care? Are students pressurised?
(There's also Brighton College. I know this is not in Cambridge, but if any of you know something about it, please do comment)

Thank you for the parents who have replied me before and I would also appreciate any help from all of you!

So my daughter will be studying abroad (we are from HK), planning to study IB. We do recognise SPF is a day school though, and she is ok with living with a host family. She is a very academic child (all rounded expect PE, but she still enjoys it), predicted highest grades for all subjects, not very girlish, a bit sensitive, a bit shy and quiet in unfamiliar environments.

P.S. My daughter is on the waiting list of some other schools, such as Sevenoaks, NLCS etc. So if we declined the offer, and if there were vacancies in those schools, there would also other choices to choose from.

Thank you again! smile

Cammumm Wed 18-Jan-17 15:10:00

It's a good school. I know people with kids there and they're generally happy. I would say a couple of things though - as you say, it's a day school. The large majority of three students will be living at home with parents, and most of them will have known each other for many years. It doesn't have a huge intake at sixth form I don't think. So it might not be the easiest environment for your DD to fit in if she's not super confident. She'll also need quite a high degree of independence, as the school is kind of geared up for students with parents at home. Personally I'd probably choose a boarding school for a better all round experience in your position.

I also assume you're aware that the sixth form is mixed sex? (The school is indeed commonly referred to as the Perse girls, which can be confusing!)

GirtonGirl Thu 19-Jan-17 21:27:06

I can't comment about Stephen Perse, but another possibility to look at is Impington Village College International Sixth form (just north of Cambridge). It has a lot of international students and finds host families for them locally (I think), so your daughter may be less lost / isolated as others will be in a similar position to her. It also has a VERY good record of achievement in the IB.

You would need to check she would qualify though, as it is a state school rather than private, and is only open to EU / EEA nationals. If your DD has a British passport then she would probably be fine.

Maybe worth a look?

Good luck with whatever you end up doing.

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