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South Side Life/ Primary Schools

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kcn19 Sun 15-Jan-17 13:53:32

Hello there Glasgow Mums

We are considering a move to Glasgow from London to live closer to family in Stirlingshire, and for a change of pace/great outdoors for our boys (5 and 7) and are hoping for some advice.

We had a failed attempt at buying the house of our dreams in the West End last year, and did loads of research on local primaries there in the process- really loved Hyndland and Hillhead.

We are still keeping an eye on properties in the West End, though are also thinking we would love to live in a house at last, and have started looking at Newlands/Shawlands areas- especially after reading a rather glowing write up about the South Side in the Guardian 'Lets Move To'.... sounds lovely!

Does anyone live in the South Side? We would love to know more about the local neighbourhoods there and about primaries like Langside, Merrylee- or any others we should be checking out. We have one son who will be going into P1 and one into P4- both are sociable beasts who love making friends and having play dates, one is football mad and doing really well in math/english, the other into street dance, gymnastics etc.

Any thoughts or advice very much appreciated.


SantanaLopez Sun 15-Jan-17 15:45:30

The S.S. is fab, you'll love it. Loads to do.

We're going denominational but from what I have heard, Langside, Merrylee Glendale and Tinto are all excellent. I only know of one family at Shawlands but they are very happy there.

I think the problem for you would be moving into the correct catchment and hoping that they have spaces, as P1 enrolment week has just passed and Glasgow seems to be chockablock throughout the city. The good thing about the S.S. from that POV is that there seems to be a lot of movement.

MadameCumberbatchio Sun 15-Jan-17 21:30:18

I've worked Southside most of my life and it is a great place, always lots happening. Agreed with Santana above re: schools.

We're just outside in Giffnock. It's a bit more suburban but there's more houses rather than tenement flats.

Weegiemummy Mon 16-Jan-17 14:39:53

The south side is great, we've been here and about for 10 years, ever since we moved to Glasgow. We initially lived in Shawlands but have moved further out since then.

I'm not very up on schools as our dc are all in Gaelic medium education, but Shawlands Primary and Glendale seem to be good. If you live in catchment, you should be offered a place but you need to have a catchment address to apply. Chicken and egg situation.

Theres loads going on and you'll be spoiled for choice on housing - especially moving from London (we're in a 4-bed detached new build which was £167k 5 years ago, though as I said we're further out than shawl ands). Newlands would be a lovely place to live - which might, now I think of it, be the catchment for Tinto primary, which is also supposed to be good.

As for your boys interests - theres no shortage of football stuff in Glasgow (just be careful who you support!!), and in Shawlands area theres also a great rugby club where our dc used to play, that starts from P1.

There are quite a few Southside mumsnetters so ask away!

CSJ113 Tue 17-Jan-17 10:19:43

Hi there, we moved from the West End to the Southside when we had kids, and although I miss the buzz it was a good decision for schooling! There are some good primary schools in the Newlands area but if you think ahead to secondary you might want to consider the East Renfrewshire catchment (e.g. Giffnock, Netherlee, Clarkston) as there are some excellent secondary schools for all denominations - you would not get a placement request from outside the area as the schools are all rammed now. Altogether the SS is a great place for kids to grow up.

mrspn19 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:12:44

Thank you all so much. The house we went to look at in Langside went to closing date the day after so we missed out on that one, but thought the South Side was great. Thanks again!

Larasma Mon 30-Jan-17 20:47:07

I bloody love it. We moved from Ireland nearly a decade ago and we're in a fuck off big old tenement in Pollokshields.

It's huge. Our neighbours are lovely and we're on half the mortgage (at least) than we would have been in the West End, though it is lovely in parts (avoid the students)

DD will be going to Shawlands P and there's tonnes to do - parks, lots of little cafes and bar/restaurants and we've only seen it getting better, plus if you're where you're talking about, you're 10-15 mins into town or 30 mins to the West End.

Come on OP! Go go go! You won't regret it.

Grannyapple Tue 31-Jan-17 23:40:59

Ooh can I follow this thread too? We're also considering a move from London back to Glasgow, after 16 yrs of living down south. Now have 3 kids in tow so need to consider schools. Eldest is almost 6 & in yr 1, middle due to start school in September though she'll only be 4 (July baby) & youngest just turned 2.

South side has been muted as a suggestion for both DH & I as good access etc. Family are spread out over various parts of Glasgow, from stepps, to Laurieston, to West Dunbartonshire. Sis is in Barrhead so would be nice to see her & nephew more..

Worried about buying up there at same time as selling down here (did it in reverse when we were coming down & it was fairly stressful then).

East Ren also suggested as good schools in the area..but catchments pretty tight as I understand that right?

SantanaLopez Sat 04-Feb-17 18:29:26

Yes grannyapple, they can be. I think you will also have missed the registration date for August.

If the July baby turns 4 in July 2017 she won't be old to enough to start in August. That cohort have to be 5 by the 28th February 2018.

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