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Beavers or Rainbows for my DD?

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bumtibum Sat 14-Jan-17 18:12:08

My lovely girl is about to turn 6 - she already has a few things on after school, and I was wondering if any mums could tell me what beavers / rainbows is like, if it's any good, what their kids get out of it. My DD is very creative and imaginative, ideally I'd like to find more things for her to do / more kids to play with at the weekend than during the week - can anyone advise? Thank you

crazymum53 Mon 16-Jan-17 11:05:52

I would expect that most uniformed organisations meet on weekdays after school rather than weekends. Individual groups vary enormously - what activities they offer do vary according to the skills and number of individual leaders. I would say from dds peers that Rainbows/Brownies would be better for more creative/artistic types and Beavers for more sporty energetic types. Unfortunately some groups have waiting lists so your dd may be better to be on a list to join Brownies when she is 7. The age ranges for Beavers/Cubs is not quite the same.
We went for Rainbows and Brownies because we wanted her to have more interaction with other girls (in her class at infants boys outnumbered girls 2:1 so it was good to be in an all girl environment).

Anjelika Sun 22-Jan-17 14:16:50

Your DD can go to both (or the waiting lists for both) if you want her to. My DD goes to both. They are very different in terms of activities but she seems to like both.

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