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Nanny share or nanny with own child needed

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EleanorRykener Wed 11-Jan-17 15:59:44

Hi everyone, I'm new to Mumsnet. My son, who will be be 8 months when I go back to work in March, is registered with a local nursery. I registered him months ago, before the reality of going back to work had really dawned on me.

Now it's approaching and I find myself wishing I'd organised a nanny share instead; I'm just not keen on sending a baby so young to nursery if I can avoid it. I'm also looking at local childminders. If anyone in Crouch End or Stroud Green has a nanny they'd like to share, or knows of any lovely nannies who would be happy to bring their own baby to work in exchange for a reduced hourly rate, I would be really happy to hear from you!

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