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Moving to Upper Rissington

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Oxfordmummy22 Tue 10-Jan-17 21:04:59

Hello, we are considering moving to Upper Rissington from Oxford. I wondered if anyone has any information on what it is like to live there? My husband will be commuting to Oxford everydayhmm, but I will be home with my 2 ds - 3.5yo and 15mo. We have a dog and so we are keen on lots of walks through the countryside and things for small children to do. Is the broadband speed ok out there? Also - what is the new Upper Rissington School like? Thanks so much! smile

hensareroosting Thu 09-Mar-17 23:02:04

Hi probably a bit late....we live in Bourton on the Water but used to live at Upper Rissington. It is quite a big estate, some older and then a lot of new builds. However it is very pleasant with lots of trees, you probably know it used to be an RAF camp. There is a new cafe/bar opened up there which is quite popular and a gym, I think a co-op is due to open soon. The local area is great, lots of lovely villages, places to walk etc. Commute to Oxford not bad but depends on traffic, another option is to drive 15 mins to Kingham and get the train. The new school has a good reputation but there are also lots of village schools in the local area as alternatives. Being rural you are quite reliant on a car, and shopping opportunities are more limited (not too far to Cheltenham or Witney or Oxford but local shops are mostly charity shops or tea shops!). We love this area, it is friendly and lots for kids but it can be quiet socially if you are used to city life (e.g cinema/theatre etc all involves a drive)

Lisa87 Thu 31-Aug-17 23:19:54

Did you move to UR in the end? We are moving there in a few weeks with two young children.. age 5 and 4 :-)

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