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advice on local area East Grinstead

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PO25 Tue 10-Jan-17 14:39:10


We currently live in London, and have to move because of husbands work. He works near Horley, Gatwick.

A friend suggested East Grinstead, can someone tell us a bit more about the local area? Are there lots of other young families with kids around the area?

I will be working from my home office but would like to find places to meet other mums so I dont feel lonely!

Are there good streets and not so good streets. Sorry not looking to offend anyone, just asking good/bad as I would anything.

Any feedback is much appreciated.


fudgesmummy Wed 11-Jan-17 09:28:23

Hi, I have lived in East Grinstead for over 50 years and it is a lovely place to bring up a family. (My dc's are now 27 and nearly 30) and I have been a childminder for the last 23 years so know the area very well!
There is no shortage of excellent nurseries, pre schools and childminders (lol!) within walking distance of most of the estates.
There are 6 state primary schools and 2 faith primary schools (C of E and Catholic) and 2 state secondary schools. For faith schools at secondary level the kids have to go to Crawley (as our dc's did)
The primary schools are all seriously over subscribed and I know it causes considerable problems each September with children not getting into the school of their choice.
People also have issues getting a GP as the town is more populated than years gone by but with the same services etc.
The EG mums Facebook group is very friendly and full of useful contacts, there are lots and lots of young families and plenty to do, toddler groups, music and dance groups etc. We have a leasure centre and swimming pool with lots of kids activities, but no decent soft play place within the town!
As to a good area to live, if your dh is heading towards Horley it's best to be over the Imberhorne Estate side of town as the one way system is a bitch in the morning. Unfortunately the cheaper properties are over the Estcots/Herontye side!
I know from the Facebook group that new comers are always welcomed with offers to meet up for coffee and play dates, I have met several new mums outside toddlers to show them where to go and introduced them to the mums!
Hope this all helps! smile

PO25 Wed 11-Jan-17 10:36:35

this is very helpful thank you. I guess being a city girl for most of my life......I am slightly unsure what to expect.

Yes spot on - my husband's work is at Horley - I am guessing that's a central work area?

OK any other suggestions for places to rent besides Imberhorne Estate would be good! I have decided to rent first before finding a place to buy.


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