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Bruntsfield Primary school reviews

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AliMcBally Mon 09-Jan-17 20:04:22

Hi folks, I am looking for peoples experiences of Bruntsfield Primary.

My P4 has never settled well at his school (not Bruntsfield). P4 has struggled since day one academically and socially. Only after we paid for a private assessment did the school agree to support P4 emotionally and with Support for Learning classes. Very disappointing we had to wait so long for help but I realise schools across Edinburgh are having budget cuts and are bursting at the seams.

There is a major issue with bullying within the school which never seems to be dealt with successfully. The language used in the playground is appalling. Is this just how school is these days?

Any thoughts on Bruntsfield Primary as a caring, inclusive and positive learning environment?

catdil Mon 09-Jan-17 20:34:54

My son went there - wasn't blown away tbh and certainly not re there approach to 'vulnerable' kids which there were a few of. It's very big and bursting at the seams.

hapagirl Sun 05-Feb-17 14:37:48

My kids go to Bruntsfield and we are happy with it though it is bursting. However we we don't have the same issues as you. We went to Tollcross Primary before we moved and my feeling is that they are a smaller school and had more time for learning support and inclusion. Have you thought about them? Also, i felt that the school was so diverse, there was no opportunity for bullying if you know what I mean. Good luck.

AliMcBally Sun 05-Feb-17 19:15:45

Thanks for your replies.

Hapagirl - Tollcross does appeal to us but it's not the feeder school to the high school where my older child goes. Might have to stick it out where we are and get a tutor (hmm)

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