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Dallow Place

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Rosiepompom Sun 08-Jan-17 19:40:11

Hi all, I am looking at the new build development Dallow Place which seems to be in the area of Bury Park on Dallow Road. Does anyone know much about the area to bring children up in? We are not currently living in Luton but internet searches give it some bad press. On the other hand I've read about the £4 billion investment and the houses prices going up 20% last year. Is it changing?

I look forward to any insight you have.

Many thanks.

LutonSnoopy Sun 08-Jan-17 22:04:51

Dallow is near to but separate from Bury Park.

I am not sure what school catchment the new development will be in but I guess it is likely to be Dallow Primary - that is one of the few schools in the town that isn't good or outstanding so that would put me off a little, I'm also not sure what parking would be like around there, if that is something that you would need.

I grew up near there (Meyrick Avenue) and I now live in another part of the town (towards the airport). I had no trouble growing up and I like the town well enough to stay here to bring up my own children, it is functional rather than beautiful but all the recent and planned works are great news. There always has been bad press about Luton, some of it is deserved but a lot is just lazy stereotyping.

Dallow Place might suit you but I'd have a look at other parts of the town too, if the timing would work for you the new homes going up in Napier Park might be worth looking at.

Rosiepompom Mon 09-Jan-17 07:03:26

Many thanks, you're right that does seem tone the school, but hoping our little one could go to the local Catholic school which was reported as 'good'. I need to be close to the train station to get to work which is why it looked ideal. I'll take a look though at Napier Park.

Many thanks.

LutonSnoopy Mon 09-Jan-17 13:30:42

Napier Park is not far from town if it is the town station you need that particular one but it is also right near to Luton Airport Parkway station (10 min walk, max) which is on the same line and has more frequent trains.

Rosiepompom Mon 09-Jan-17 17:54:48

Thank you, I couldn't find the website selling the properties. Maybe they are not advertised yet?

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