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Best Prams/ Travel Systems for Bath

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Sparklyuggs Sun 08-Jan-17 07:52:48

Hi all,

I'm starting to look at prams for my first baby and I need something suitable for walking around a lot in Bath but that can tackle hills easily! Any advice on what models to look at? Budget is flexible at the moment, and more concerned by quality than getting a cheap deal.


Spindelina Sun 08-Jan-17 11:50:22

A sling ;)

More seriously, things to consider are ability to go up and down steps / kerbs (lots of listed shops etc don't have ramps), so big back wheels. Not too big - a lot of places are pushed for space. Handle extensions (that you would use with a buggyboard) can be good because they give you extra reach if the buggy is tipped away from you down the hill.

I've got a wide selection of slings (which, tbh, was what I used almost all the time), an icandy cherry (which DH used with the carrycot) and a micralite fastfold (with handlebar extensions) (which is great in all ways except that the seat doesn't rear face). No buyer's regret for any of them, but things may have moved on (DD is 4).

A buggytug or similar is also a good idea - they sometimes generate threads of scorn on here, but I suspect those laughing at the PFBness have never considered pushing a buggy down Holloway!

If you are interested in the sling option, there's an active Facebook group called Bath babywearers.

ItsAHillyHill Sun 08-Jan-17 20:58:59

I'm way out of date with what is the best, but I second Spindela's view that a good sling is really important. You'll have a lot more freedom in Bath with a sling. I had an Ergo classic and some good wraps. Far easier on steps and hills.

For when you need a buggy, fat wheels are good for the bumpy pavements and kerbs. You need to consider how big the boot of your car is, and how wide your door/hallway is. You could always have two - one that lives in the car and a rugged tough wheeled one for the bumpy streets of Bath. But keep it lightweight and make sure the handle is adjustable to the right height for you.

Sparklyuggs Sun 08-Jan-17 21:17:21

Thank you! Will definitely be getting a sling but think I will need a pram too. We have a ford fiesta so I think the boot space is ok. Sounds like fat wheels and lightweight are the two key things to look for so far.

MrsEricBana Mon 09-Jan-17 11:51:22

Hi, I had a sling in Bath but I found it exhausting as I would walk jnto town, all round town, back with baby and shopping and really struggle and couldn't put anything down. I the got easy to fold 4 wheel buggy to put in car but it was far too rattly round town so I had a big wheeled 3 wheeler for town which was fab round town and could put shopping under etc. Can't remember particularly having access issues in town though was a bit of a pain parking it in the house itself as hallway narrow. Good luck!

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