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Bickley Primary Wrap around care

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KannyR Fri 06-Jan-17 12:33:55


Really hoping that some of the Bickley Primary parents on here can help me!

My eldest starts school in September 2017 and we're fortunate enough to live very close to Bickley Primary, St George's and now La Fontaine (once it moves to the Widmore Site in September). I'm hoping we will be close enough to get our top choice between these three and all seem good but we really likely Bickley due to its lovely grounds, close proximity and community feel (as a result of historically it having such a small catchment). However, both my husband and I work and Bickley is the only school out of the three that does not offer an onsite breakfast and after school club which makes me nervous in case we can't find suitable local childcare to do drop off and collection. I'm aware that Petit Pembroke nursery offer a service but I didn't really like the setting when I viewed it for a nursery place for my son back in 2014 (felt very dark and stuffy). I also understand they are currently full and have a waiting list. Does anyone have any insight into local before and after school childcare that works for Bickley Primary; ideally very close to the school otherwise it defeats the whole object of choosing our closest school (we can see the back entrance from our garden...).

Thank you!

Patry Sat 07-Jan-17 18:11:54

My friend has a childminder that covers Bickley. I know it wasn't easy to find one but she was able to choose between two in the end.

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