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Moving to the Callington area (PL17)

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SuperStar50 Tue 09-May-17 09:15:29

Oh - I'm in North Hill, can't be far from you!

SuperStar50 Tue 09-May-17 09:14:38

Hi there Newtocornwall!! Just spotted this - wow, I'm just a few miles outside Callington myself, have you already moved down? If so I do hope you've settled in and found some contacts. I'm happy to give you my email etc if you want. My kids are older but I'm in a similar situation to you!

All the best!

newtocornwall Thu 05-Jan-17 16:46:08


We're moving to a village a few miles outside Callington, some 8 miles from Liskeard and 10ish from Launceston.

Our little one will be 3 in June so we're starting to look into preschools and primary schools. Any recommendations? We're currently looking at Pensilva and Callington Primary Schools.

Also, any toddler groups/weekly activities in the area? They are not always advertised online so recommendations would be really appreciated.

We're moving from Oxfordshire and have been doing quite a lot in terms of baby/toddler groups here. Our Cornish house is a bit secluded and I am a bit worried about making friends and keeping busy during the week (while Dad is away for work). I'm not currently working.

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