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Free help for anyone in West Norfolk worried about child's behaviour at school!

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Wendy17 Thu 05-Jan-17 15:43:32

I saw this in last Friday's Lynn News and thought it would be a great opportunity for some FREE help if anyone has a child whose behaviour at school is causing problems. Open for any school aged child from 5 upwards!

My friend’s son in Yorkshire has been excluded from school for ages and doesn’t seem to be getting much help to improve. I don’t really know what it’s like round here, the numbers seem very high, so maybe children aren’t getting the help they need?

I think it would be amazing to have someone who is really passionate about helping children working with them and I love to see something like this take off. Can we share experiences of how schools deal with behavioural and emotional issues etc, good or bad, and see if we can do something to improve things if it’s needed?

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