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PDSA and their Rules and Regulations,AIBU?

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avamiah Wed 04-Jan-17 23:17:53

Hi everybody, I'm a regular on here but this is only the second time I have started a thread.I feel really strong about this particular issue and would like your opinion.
I rescued a kitten 2 nights ago from the road and nursed it back to health as it was starving and dehydrated and dirty.Anyway today I noticed that it was having trouble walking and was crying if I picked it up, so I have a PDSA about 2 miles from me so I took it along as I thought they help and treat abandoned cats and dogs.???
Yes they do but only if your on benefits.
The receptionist and the vet told me they could see the kitten and make sure it wasn't in any pain and could give it a pain relief injection which the vet did but then advised me I had to take the kitten to a private vet for further examination.?
So if the vet gave the kitten a injection for pain relief they must of thought it is in pain but when I asked if the hip or leg is injured I was told further investigation was needed by a private vet.

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