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Advice (medical) or anyone with experience of heart murmur

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Tinkys1984 Wed 04-Jan-17 21:58:01

Today I took my 6 year old daughter to doctors regarding a night time cough that had been keeping her awake for the past couple of weeks. Upon listening to her chest they said she has a heart murmur other docs was called in to listen and I have been told that they have noises that they can say are innocent murmurs but this is an abnormal noise and have to wait for a cardiologist appt. Of course I'm now in panic mode, anyone had a similar experience?

Also they are referring her to peaditrican as she is very skinny and pale despite eating everything, she is the clumsiest child ever and always falling over, I feel like I'm being judged and doing something wrong...

She was given two inhalers to try, and told that they will take awhile to work if at all, but given some tonight and no cough at all, yet gp said it could be due to the heart murmur... I'm so confused! I'm an avid googler which isn't helping.

Sorry for ranting on...

ZoeSelina Mon 16-Jan-17 08:32:48


I'm only replying because it looks like no-one else has, and something might be better than nothing!
So - it's a bit different because it concerns me (age 37), not a child. But I have a heart murmur due to mitral valve regurgitation (I think that's one of the most common reasons for a murmur - not sure if anything else can cause the distinctive sound). For me though it's asymptomatic though I do cough occasionally. It hasn't stopped me running 4 competitive marathons and lots of other sport. Though now I'm pregnant I'm waiting for a specialist's advice on what it'll mean for the later stages/delivery/post-delivery (I think it's post-delivery which can be a bit of a problem).
Dunno if that's reassuring at all? I suppose it all depends how bad it is.
When is your daughter's cardiologist appointment? I do hope it's soon.
There could be lots of other causes for paleness & clumsiness. I'll keep fingers crossed for you both.

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