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tyketyler Wed 04-Jan-17 20:30:53

Hi all

Any views on Duddingston Primary? I saw it got a 'satisfactory' in The Good Schools Guide, although looks like it was last reviewed back in 2012.

Is Duddingston Primary/ Portobello High slightly better performing than Craigentinny Primary/ Leith Academy? Or are they pretty similar?

Has Duddingston got more going for it than Craigentinny in terms of community, amenities, outdoors etc?



Lones80 Thu 05-Jan-17 12:09:26

I live in Portobello but in the catchment area for Duddingston Primary. I had a look round and thought it was a lovely school with lots of outdoor space, but in the end we decided to go private. However, I know a few people with children there and they all seem happy with it.

I don't know Portobello High personally, but the new building looks great, and I know it's highly thought of in the community.

Duddingston has a couple of lovely parks (I love Figgart Park), and Portobello is close by with the beach, bars, cafes and lots of different clubs and activities for children. Duddingston Village is right next to Holyrood Park, and has the famous Sheep Heid pub.

Datec Fri 06-Jan-17 23:33:59

I know a few of the kids in the area go private, but most go duddingston, have friends with kids at duddingston, and tower bank and all happy. Friends who have kids who moved on to porty are happy with school.. think it is a pretty mix of pupils but that is a positive for my friends. Also know teachers at leith, where j k Rowling used to teach languages... if I had a personal pref even though my friend teaches at leith Id prob chose porty. New school and new energy plus lots of community

tyketyler Sun 08-Jan-17 12:13:54

Thanks so much Lones and Datec. We went and looked round Figgart Park which was really nice, we also like the idea of being able to walk to Portobello for lunch etc on the weekend. Lots of activities for kids is a good thing. Eddington feeds Porty and I hear good things about the new school.

Thanks again!

BananaChew Thu 02-Feb-17 22:14:05

Duddingston is much bigger than Craigentinny. It's a lovely school by all accounts, and local amenities are great.

I have extensive personal experience with Craigentinny and can't sing their praises enough. Feel free to pm with any questions.

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