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M1nn1emoo Wed 04-Jan-17 06:02:35

Hi there.
I am just wondering if I could have local information on some areas. I currently re locating from down south to Ayrshire and was wondering what areas are nice to live in. I have seen some properties for sale in Maybelle, Dalrymple, Stewart on, Kilmarnock, Dalmellington, Ardrossan, Dalrymple and West Kilbride.

I don't mind living in a fairly quiet area as I have transport, but need to make sure there is a leisure centre/ gym, Drs, vets, supermarket/ shop, park ( nice area to walk my dog) and within a 30 minute to a hospital.
I am looking to purchase a property and preferably a bungalow/ house. As I currently live in a nice area, I don't want to live anywhere rough or in an area of deprivation and anti social behaviour. I currently have a friend who is in Groom and preferably would like to be within a 30/40 minute drive to Glasgow. Please can anyone help as I am planning to come up and view some properties this month as I have sold my property and will need to find something as soon as possible.
Many thanks.

M1nn1emoo Wed 04-Jan-17 06:08:07

Sorry the area I meant to say is Maybole ( blinking predictive text) + my friend lives in Troon and not groom, so would like to be within a 45 minute to Troon. Is Dalry ok as I have seen a lovely property there+ I know that there is a nice leisure centre there.

HMF1 Wed 04-Jan-17 20:52:44

i live in West Kilbride, its a good place for a family. I would say Dalry less so. Maybole & Dallmelington are not within 40 min of Glasgow (WK isnt in rush hour) .North end of Ardrossan ok but schools better in WK. For gyms check out KA leisure.

M1nn1emoo Wed 04-Jan-17 21:29:24

Hi, thank you for your message and much appreciated. Are you saying Dalry in North Ayrshire isn't a good area to live. I don't have famil. How far is Maybole and dalmellington to Glasgow then? Estate agents said it's within 40 minutes.

M1nn1emoo Wed 04-Jan-17 21:29:28

Hi, thank you for your message and much appreciated. Are you saying Dalry in North Ayrshire isn't a good area to live. I don't have famil. How far is Maybole and dalmellington to Glasgow then? Estate agents said it's within 40 minutes.

HMF1 Wed 04-Jan-17 21:43:47

Dalry is Ok, West Kilbride & Ardrossan are on the coast & I think have better amenities loads of dog walkers down here. but it is down to what suits you. I think the estate agent was being disingenuous when they said 40 min to Glasgow from Daltymple or Maybole , it is probably theoretically possible if there is no other traffic on the road & you aren't too fussy about speed limits (I am assuming city centre). I dont really know Stewarton so can't comment. Kilmarnock is a much bigger town than the others & alhough it would tick all your boxes there are some pretty rough areas, depends on what you want. Have a good wander round the area & see which places you like. I hope your move is everything you want it to be.

mamahibou Wed 04-Jan-17 21:56:35

Stewarton would tick all of your boxes. Nice walks for dogs, 30 minutes to Glasgow, 25 to Troon, 15 to the beach in Irvine. Half hourly direct train service to Glasgow. No real dodgy areas. Got Sainsbury's, Aldi being built, vet, gym, sports centre, some cafes and some nice wee shops.

Kilmarnock bigger, has some nice areas but also some pretty dodgy ones. North Ayrshire has some beautiful towns but more awkward to travel to and from by car. Good train service. Not much to do in Dalry to be honest.

Maybole is definitely nearer 50 minutes away from Glasgow and the traffic round Ayr is a nightmare at some times of the day so could take you a lot longer. Prestwick would also meet your needs pretty well.

mamahibou Wed 04-Jan-17 21:57:35

PS Dalmellington is very isolated and very deprived. Not got great amenities but houses can be very cheap and the countryside is beautiful.

mamahibou Wed 04-Jan-17 22:00:07

Also West Kilbride is lovely, arty community, easy to Glasgow on train but awkwardly placed for road access to places. Takes ages to go short distance. Beautiful views though.

M1nn1emoo Mon 09-Jan-17 00:26:57

Hi thanks both of you for all the advice. I don't mind living anywhere rural, but not too much out in the sticks as it takes me30_40 minutes to a major city at the moment as I currently live in a market town. I have within 300 metres, a DRS, chemist, pub ( don't bother going in the place) Indian and track express. Town is 5 minute drive away and got the basic amenities. I currently travel 30-40 mins to the hospital's I am under, so don't mind traveling the same distance. I definitely need a good leisure centre that caters for a gym, pool and sauna etc and needing forget, a wee vet for my pooch. Kilmarnock does sound good. Please, please could someone let me know where the rough areas are. I won't be renting, I will be buying. Also viewing properties in Ardrossan, inverkip, Balaton, Coylton and Dalrymple. I must say, I do like West Kilbride and Wymis Bay, but there doesn't appear to be much on the Market there at the mo and I need to find somewhere quick as my property is sold. I will be coming up for a so to view properties and look around. I will see what I can find in West Kilbride again. Please, if it's not too much, could you state the dodgy areas to avoid in Kilmarnock- post codes will be helpful if not too much bother. Many thanks.

UsingMyLocalNickname Tue 31-Jan-17 11:09:24

Add Kilwinning to your search list. It has more or less everything you are looking for within driving easy distance. Easy train links with Ayr and Glasgow. Try googling Rightmove Kilwinning for the range of properties available to buy. Like every where else it has good and not so good areas. Also try googling Eglinton Country Park, a lot of dog walkers use it.

user1479647272 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:33:04

Ardrossan is ok. At the marina there are lovely flats. Some chavvy areas but some lovely places. And so close to Arran - lively

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