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St James the Great RC school, Croydon - Adjudicator- Admission policy flawed

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Kal777 Sat 31-Dec-16 18:15:32


Has anyone applied to St James the Great RC school Thornton Heath for this September 2016 and did not get into Reception , inspite of living close to the school?

The Office of school adjudicators has ruled that the admission has been carried out in breach of the School Admission Code for this school. Nursery children were given priority thus denying new applicants not in nursery a place in reception.

Also the ENTIRE school Admission Policy of the school has been found to be in breach of the School Admission Code.....

It appears being an Academy and a Catholic school they have been doing what they want!!!!!

Link below to the adjudicators decision:

Anyone out there who didn't get in?????

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