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Are you coming out to play?

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UnicornsAreReal666 Wed 28-Dec-16 23:32:54

Hi everyone fsmile Merry Christmas! Right, so, my new year's resolution is to actually get my bum out there and start looking for some friends. I'm 28 tomorrow! I have 3 children all under 9 and live in Colchester CO4 area. For the past 8 year's my children have been the centre of my world (and obviously will be for the rest of my life smile) but I have abandoned myself, abandoned the fact that I miss adult female conversation, having a laugh, helping one another, sharing stories and wine wine. So as a long shot and as I was bored and come across this on MN I have written this in the hope that you too are maybe looking for someone like me a sometimes weird (aren't we all hmm), fun, happy go lucky woman with 3 gorgeous children and a fantastic partner, in which to gossip over coffee, tea, cake, wine or washing and hopefully, maybe form a friendship with.

What, if you have any are your new year's resolutions? starhalo

Nikadi Thu 29-Dec-16 10:36:20

Happy birthday!
I have a similar resolution, I moved back to the area (well, clacton) in September after living away for 8 years so know very few people! Totally up for drinks in the near future, I'm 27 and have just had my first child in November.

My ny resolutions are to socialise and get back to walking and swimming regularly. Have you got any other resolutions?

UnicornsAreReal666 Fri 21-Apr-17 19:40:07

Well, maybe my ny resolution should have been to regularly check my posts! So sorry Nikadi...

If your still there, I'm finally here!
Its been a crazy couple of months and now is my eldest daughters birthday in a weeks time! It goes so fast..

How are you and your little one? Adjusting to mummy life well I hope, though things take longer to adjust too be patient and smile (even if you don't want to), I'm 3 children in and sometimes still dont know what the hell I'm doing!

Hope this finds you well xx flowers

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