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Moving to Crews Hill

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CalmWave Sun 25-Dec-16 16:33:29

Hoping for some honest feedback on Crews Hill as an area to move to with a young 15 month old baby and hubby.
We saw a lovely old cottage with great views (albeit nr all the garden centers) But had a handy vintage market. We'd be moving from nr Turnpike Lane tube station, so we'd be swapping a busy melting pot of shops and Turkish Restaurants for gardening shops and green fields and country lanes. Which isnt a bad swap as were seeking peace and quiet and greenery as were in the city a lot mid week and just need a change of pace.

I couldnt see any local coffee/farm shop, off licence or corner shop within walking distance. Are there any? We have a car so accept we may have to drive.

This would be our home for the next 10 yrs so hoping to get feedback on good primary schools, nice independent coffee shops, nice pubs (except The Plough) and an understanding on the local community of Crews Hill. Not sure where mums go locally except the garden centre's soft play area which i think has a coffee shop.

CroqueMadame1 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:36:35

There's loads of nice coffee shops in garden centres and in springtime. Plus there's a great little soft play and coffee shop too. Horseriding too.
Schools are all good around there too. I live 10 mins away and visit there with kids lots.

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