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Best area for a family in Kensington & Chelsea?

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pinkberries Thu 22-Dec-16 21:49:22

My partner and I have lived in three homes; two in South Ken, and one in Knightsbridge. We love the area and have really want to stay here. We're planning on moving out into Surrey in 5 years time. Until then, we want to rent a place here. Since I'm pregnant, I really need a family-friendly area that is quiet, like South Kensington.

I also really want somewhere with good playgrounds, access to nurseries, quiet and with plenty of greenery. Can anyone suggest an area?

Looseleaf Fri 23-Dec-16 12:18:23

How about on one of the gardens squares like Queensgate Gardens or Cornwall Gardens? Near the park but also nice having a private square so children can feel more freedom and have friends over easily?
We mostly enjoyed the playgrounds in Holland Park / Hyde park but sometimes too Normand park and Bishops park.

carriebradshawshandbag Fri 23-Dec-16 19:02:35

We had a wonderful flat on Cornwall Gardens for seven years, almost 3 of those with small children. The area is great, Hyde Park nearby, classes etc. However we wanted a much larger house and to be somewhere quieter and even more family friendly so moved to Fulham 2.5 years ago. Location of SW7 is awesome but I found my requirements changed once children came along (particularly the second!)

SherbrookeFosterer Mon 17-Jul-17 21:12:58

Thurloe Square has a lovely garden square with a large area for children with swings, a sandpit, etc.

There are apple, pear and plum trees too - all fruit edible - bonus!

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