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Any first time pregnant Mum's out there?

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MrsH21 Thu 22-Dec-16 10:29:32


I'm new here and just wondered if there was anyone on here who is pregnant with their first child and just looking for some support or friendship?

Finding things difficult atm, I'm a young mum to be (24) and I work from home, so I already feel like I've lost my seperate identity of going to a workplace, having colleagues etc. Although working from home is perfect for when the bubba arrives!

I suffer from anxiety and depression and me and my husband aren't doing well at the moment. Only yesterday during an argument he said no wonder I'm bored because I don't do anything, and he isn't enjoying me at the moment because I'm feeling low a lot. I've tried to explain about pregnancy hormones adding on top but he just doesn't understand.

I'm only 11 weeks and already feeling lonely and although I'm in this completely alone.

Things aren't going quite the way I thought they would! Anyway, I am officially rambling on - just looking for some support and maybe someone who is in a similar situation (pregnancy wise) to me, so I don't feel alone during this journey!

Take care all

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