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Cheshire bound

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Macbeth77 Tue 20-Dec-16 22:38:12

Happy almost Christmas.

I'm afraid this another one of the best places to live posts. Apologies in advance. My hubby has been offered a job in Deeside. Researching I realise it's not doing well in 'best places to live'. Can anyone recommend a nice area within an easy commute. Had a look at some of the villages already recommended but they seem a bit too far based on what I read about morning rush hour traffic.
We are looking for a good high school area and bustling village/small town. Hubby would add a gallate pub or 2 would be beneficial. Can anyone point us in the right direction. I'm not sure should we be looking at North Wales also. much to do 🎄

Macbeth77 Tue 20-Dec-16 22:39:27

Sorry don't know why auto correct changed local to gallate!! Sounds very posh whatever it means 😂

CheshireSplat Tue 20-Dec-16 23:11:56

Ooh, this question is up my street!!!! I work in Deeside and live just over the border into England. I'll pm you as I don't want to out myself. What kind of budget do you have?

Voicesinmyear Wed 21-Dec-16 13:28:57

I'm the wrong side of Cheshire unfortunately, but wishing you well in search.

mrscoleridge Wed 21-Dec-16 16:20:43

I'm near Deeside also on the English side.
PM me if you want more info

Hollerback Wed 21-Dec-16 20:43:54

Chester? Areas like Westminster park, Curzon park, handbridge and Queen's Park are all on the deeside side of Chester.
Parts of the Wirral along the A540 like Neston or Willaston?
Parts of Saughall are quite nice.

Prices vary a lot depending on area around here so if you tell us your budget and what sort of house/ flat you need we could suggest a few places?

puglife1 Wed 21-Dec-16 20:52:01

Hawarden is nice with some nice pubs. Not sure about the school but there is a high school there.
Deeside is nasty, stay away!!

CheshireSplat Wed 21-Dec-16 21:43:56

What a lot of local Mumsnetters! fsmile

Frazzled2207 Wed 21-Dec-16 22:03:21

Don't live there any more but am from that area. Traffic is easy compared to where I live now.
All of Chester and surrounding villages worth looking at, as would be Hawarden (pron hardin), Penyfford and Hope on the Welsh side.
Also the Wirral.

Chester is fab and only 15m away.

CheshireEditor Thu 29-Dec-16 11:41:37

Great advice here, not an area I know at all I'm afraid to say, been to the fab farm shop at Harwarden - gorgeous!

My Mum lived on the Wirral for 20 years, Heswall and I discovered the many great places of the Wirral, Thurstaston Hill, Parkgate, Hoylake etc

With Cheshire you can get to so many great places withing the hour, North Wales, the Lakes, Manchester, Chester etc

inaclearingstandsaboxer Thu 29-Dec-16 11:44:58

I am a proud Farndon lass.... Also look at Malpas.

Excellent schools!

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