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Best all round areas in Chelmsford

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LadyEastEnd Mon 19-Dec-16 21:52:01

We are planning a move to Chelmsford next year. Which areas outside of the centre are good in terms of amenities? We particularly need to be in short walking distance from a corner shop, bakery, cafe, pubs, parks, bus routes. We are interested in Springfield, Beaulieu Park and possibly Moulsham - do these areas have good amenities?

LadyEastEnd Tue 20-Dec-16 17:22:42

A little bump

Elle05 Thu 02-Feb-17 09:07:56

Hi, I don't know if you have decided yet but Springfield and Beaulieu have some shops - not the greatest selection but there is a café, Sainsburys and Aldi nearby. The new Beaulieu will have a small Sainsburys plus new shops and restaurants but it hasn't been confirmed who they will be yet. I don't know Moulsham very well but as far as I've been told Old Moulsham is nice.

user1484920171 Thu 02-Feb-17 11:07:33

Old Moulsham is a lovely area. V close to city centre and popular with London commuters. House prices reflect this. It is walkable to moulsham street, city centre etc so you have lots of amenities including all of the new shops and restaurants at Bond Street development.
Writtle has a lovely village atmosphere, further out and has good amenities.

BayBird Thu 02-Feb-17 15:48:57

Old Moulsham is lovely and has retained a nice sense of community as Chelmsford has sprawled. Prices are higher there but you are right on top of town with excellent transport links.

Moulsham Street presents a good alternative to crossing into 'town' for your basics and has a decent cross section of independent businesses, pubs, restaurants and shops. We loved our years living there.

LadyEastEnd Thu 23-Feb-17 09:51:28

Thank you for your really helpful replies. I'm now trying to get my head around the logistics of moving the family (finding schools and the childcare seems a headache!). Plus, I've just realised that I will have to commute into central London as we can't afford for my salary to drop drastically (I'm a teacher on the inner London payscale at the moment) so I'm looking for an area that is a short walk to the station (so Old Moulsham looks like a good bet).

Just a couple of questions - is Moulsham Lodge not as nice as Old Mousham? Also how easy is it to get after school care (either in school or childminders or after-school nannies?)

user1484920171 Thu 23-Feb-17 10:14:26

Moulsham lodge is perfectly fine. Newer less aesthetically pleasing houses than old moulsham. Bigger, more for your money and better parking. Further out for walking to station though.I'm a teacher too but within Chelmsford. As far as I know moulsham and mildmay schools both have after school clubs. There are many nurseries too. Busy Bees is used by some of my friends who commute.

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